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Holographic telepresence Live performance

Jack Black: Los Angeles to Madrid

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A scheduling conflict made it impossible for Jack Black to make it to Madrid, Spain to promote his film Goosebumps. So on January 8, 2016, Hologram USA beamed Mr. Black from our green screen studio in Beverly Hills to a hologram projection stage in Madrid. Because Hologram USA can beam anyone from anywhere to anywhere else in real time, Jack Black was able to answer questions from international journalists as if he was actually sitting across from them. On this particular press junket, 15 different journalists each got to spend 10 minutes with the star of Goosebumps. Jack Black got to promote his film in Spain, and still got to be home in Los Angeles by lunchtime. We used satellite uplink and downlink receivers. 1 in Los Angeles, and 1 in Madrid, and because high definition satellite time was used, Jack Black looked like he was really there. Jack Black not only appeared in hologram form in Madrid, but he was able to see, hear, and interact with everyone on the receiving end.