Hologram Window Displays


Convert existing window spaces into 3D Display Advertising fast and inexpensively!

When the Hologram USA video system is off the window remains transparent like a normal window.

In partnership with Hologram USA sister company FilmOn TV, we provide localized WiFi and Bluetooth messaging for extra impactful impressions see example here.

About Us

Hologram USA is the world leader in 3D Hologram projection whose patented technologies are responsible for the Tupac hologram at Coachella, Michael Jackson at the billboard awards, Jimmy Kimmel at the Country Music awards and the Fast & The Furious theme park ride at Universal Studios.

Hologram USA 3D Window Display is the most advanced 3D Imaging display anywhere in the market-place for two reasons:

  1. Cost - Convert any existing window in a matter of minutes and install equipment for under $ 9,000. Your billboard can bring up to $ 20,000 per month in advertising revenues!

  1. Effectiveness - Convert your once empty windows into eye catching 3D displays boosting your existing in store retail partners brand awareness or bring in new 3rdparty advertisers to your new 3D billboards!