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AMPLE ENTERTAINMENT and The Sc-Fi Channel partnered up with Hologram USA to produce a pilot episode of SUPERHERO LAB.

The idea of the show was to have real life people design their own super heroes. The show follows these designers in their journey on their way from idea to fruition.

SUPERHERO LAB and Hologram USA then turned those basic designs in fully functional, 3-dimentional, and interactive holograms. Those super hero holograms joined their designers in the arena before the real fun began. After the introductions, the designers grabbed game controllers to take control over their creations just like a video game. Then, two hologram super heroes battled in a 3-round winner take all Mortal Combat-type scenario.

Hologram USA designed and constructed a 30-foot hologram projection stage for this show. Instead of using projectors, the designs called for a giant bed of 2.5 LEDs, giving the production a very unique look. No longer is a black curtain or dark background necessary, now we can see right through the stage to the audience on the other side.