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The cold, crisp air hangs over the town’s central square. Throughout the wintry day, the collective attention of passers-by is on an enormous white Christmas gift placed at the plaza’s center. As dusk falls, a noise emerges from the box. A crowd gathers. In an explosion of light and sound, Mariah Carey emerges, performing a moving rendition of Silent Night. Then, as suddenly as she appeared, she disappears – this time in a dazzling 3D shatter of glitter, sparkles and confetti. The captivated and overjoyed crowd pauses in amazement before the performer miraculously reappears and delivers her upbeat version of All I Want for Christmas Is You. In fact, spectators in five European cities are watching the event – which features a hologram of the famous singer – simultaneously, unwittingly taking part in a unique T-Mobile promotional event featuring VFX by MPC New York. The studio used Hologram USA patented technology to create the memorable event. “We were thrilled to be involved with T-Mobile’s holographic event,” noted MPC EP Justin Brukman. “To take part in an event choreographed across five global markets was a special challenge. With careful coordination, I think we contributed to a really memorable evening for a lot of people.” Audiences in Macedonia, Germany, Montenegro, Croatia and Poland watched the live event, while people across the globe tuned in to a live broadcast via www.lifeisforsharing.tv, which soon went viral on YouTube and elsewhere.